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Garlicky Spicy Flax Crackers
Garlic flax cracker

Garlicky Flax Crackers

I have tried numerous recipes for flax crackers and I adjust them to create the perfect cracker and then find that perhaps another recipe could be more perfect. Anyway, this is a good one.

1 ¾ C flax seed – Soak in about 3 cups of water. ( I usually soak them overnight)
½ C carrot
¼ C ginger
4 Med cloves garlic
½  t chilli powder (or more to taste)
½ C tamari, or naturally brewed soya sauce
curry powder to taste
½ t  ground cumin (jeera)
3 T cold-pressed olive oil
1 C fresh dhania (coriander), chopped

1. Blend  all the ingredients in 1 cup of water except for the flax seeds
2. Pour off any excess water from the soaked flax seeds
3. Mix the blended ingredients with the soaked flax seeds
4. Spread the mix onto solid sheets – The thickness is also a personal preference. For thin crackers about 3mm thick and for thicker crackers about 5mm thick.
5. Dehydrate for 6-8 hours. I use either the Ezidri Ultra dehydrator or the Kuto dehydrator for the crackers.
Enjoy with vegan cheese, spreads such as avo, paté, pesto, etc.

Garlicky Spicy Flax Crackers

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