Bemriner Mandoline Slicer


With the Bemriner Mandoline slicer, create evenly thin slices of fruit and vegetable, shred cabbage, slice vegetables and fruit for stir fry, chips, garnishes and more. Comes with 3 blades.

  • Permanent slicing blade for shredding cabbage for coleslaw, creating paper thin vegetable rolls and slicing fruit for salads and desserts.
  • Fine serrated blade creates stunning food garnishes.
  • Medium serrated blade for even strips for stir fry, vegetable pasta, julienne strips, etc.
  • Coarse serrated blade slices perfect strips for chips using any root vegetable like potatoes, beetroots and carrots. The Bemriner has variable cutting thickness. It is easy to use and clean. A must have in any kitchen. Perfect for both household and professional use.

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Create classy dishes effortlessly, with the professional Bemriner Mandoline slicer. The Bemriner Mandoline slicer slices vegetables. As well as fruits into equal and even slices. Shred cabbage for quick and make easy homemade coleslaw. This can be done with the attached stainless steel permanent slicing blade. It can also cut potatoes, tomatoes, and onions rings neatly. With very little skill and effort compared to using a knife. Comes with 3 interchangeable blades. The fine serrated blade creates tasteful garnishes.

The medium serrated blade cuts uniform julienne strips. You can use the strips for stir-fry vegetables. The coarse serrated blade makes crisp chunky cuts of root vegetables such as potatoes, beetroots, and radishes. The Bemriner Mandoline slicer is easy to use. Your fingers are safe with the finger-guard. A must have for any kitchen. Perfect for professional and household use. Made in Taiwan.


  1. Saves time- chops large quantities of fruit and vegetables in minimal time
  2. Slices quickly and the exact same slice every time
  3. 3 interchangeable serrated blades
  4. Feature for changing the thickness of the slices
  5. Fixed flat blade
  6. Finger guard
  7. Good for the environment – does not use any electricity
  8. Quick and easy blade changing
  9. Blades come in a plastic sleeve for safe and easy storage when not in use
  10. Easy to store
  11. 1-year warranty
  12. Interchangeable blades are easy to remove for easy cleaning
  13. Information Sleeve

Interchangeable blades

  • Fine serrated blade – Suitable for slicing fruit or vegetable decorative strands for professional looking meals
  • Medium serrated blade – Perfectly slices vegetables for stir-fries and julienne salads, vegetable pasta and more. Suitable for most vegetables including peppers, onions, zucchini, beetroot and more
  • Coarse serrated blade – Makes perfect chunky strips for most vegetables such as potatoes, beetroot, cucumbers, carrots, etc.



What you can do with the Bemriner Mandoline Slicer

  • Thin potato slices and other vegetables for potato chips
  • Cut carrots and peppers for salads
  • Slice lemon for lemon-flavored water
  • Slice Cheese for Sandwiches
  • Make fresh fruit or vegetable salad
  • Slice Chocolate for garnishing
  • Perfect cabbage slices for Coleslaw
  • Cuts any vegetable into thin slices and strands
  • Slice onions for onions rings

How to use

Changing the blade – To change the blade, turn the Mandoline slicer upside down. After that loosen the screws on the side of the Mandoline by turning them anti-clockwise. Lastly, insert the blade with the serrated side facing down.

Adjusting the cutting thickness

Firstly, turn the Mandoline slicer upside down and loosen screws. These are located slightly above the blade insertion slot, towards the handle)by turning them anti-clockwise simultaneously, to gradually increase the cutting thickness. Secondly, cut the produce several times to see if the desired thickness is met. Thirdly and most importantly if you are not happy with the thickness you can change it. Note: the maximum thickness is 3 mm. In conclusion, the Mandoline slicer will make working in the kitchen fun as well as bring out your inner creativity.


Cutting surface area of W= 9.5 cm x L = 35 cm x H= 2.4 cm

Additional information

Weight 0.80 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 10 cm


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