Nutritional Yeast

Deactivated Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast (Also known as “Nooch”)

Superior quality – Imported from France


A great substitute for a cheesy flavour in vegan cheese, pesto, add to smoothies, dressings, sauces, sprinkled on popcorn, garlic bread, salads, mashed tofu, mashed or fried potato, and so much more.

Good to know about “Nooch”

  • The fiber, beta-glucan, may reduce Cholesterol levels, and strengthens your immune system.
  • It is also a low-glycemic food containing chromium, a mineral assisting with regulating blood sugar.
  • Reduces the risk for diabetes and heart disease due to the blood sugar maintenance.
  • High amounts of antioxidants, which may improve immune responses and have anti cancer properties.