Welcome to Lifestyle4health Blog, this blog will endeavour to be a support and information place for those who desire to, are looking for, are already following a lifestyle that support health in all it’s facets. Lifestyle facets that influence health, which, include diet, exercise, family, environment, stresses, work to name but a few.

The blog is about sharing information that can benefit you an me in striving to make this life more enjoyable with less pain (both physical and mental), less disease and more rewarding because we are well enough to do the things that make life fun.

Agree or disagree!  Your comments are welcome as we all learn from each other. Experience of others needs to be shared so that we don’t feel alone. Lifestyle is such a huge topic and ultimately every aspect of it affects our health in some way or another.

Since a blog is a living and growing communication, it benefits from interaction. As time goes on a forum will be added where interesting topics can really be bantered around endeavoring to establish the truth among all the myths that exist regarding what creates health.

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