What Is An Oscar Juicer?

What Is An Oscar Juicer?

The Oscar juicer is an International Award winning 3 stage single auger stonemill-type juicer designed to extract the liquid contents (and some pulp if desired) from a large variety of fruits and vegetables, greens and grasses. An Oscar juicer is totally different from the common centrifugal juicer found in superstores.

Operating almost noiselessly at a very slow speed, it crushes and squeezes the juice out of fruit, vegetable or grass; it can even juice pine needles! Known as a cold extraction juicer, this juicer is acknowledged in international health circles for extracting the best quality and therefore the 1st choice for healing and maintenance of health. In addition to its superb juicing abilities the Oscar can do a lot of multi-tasking making it very exceptional and unique.

Current available models include:


The Oscar juicer is a vegetable/ leafy greens juicer
The Oscar can juice any type of vegetable; these juices provide ultimate health benefits of juicing.
The Oscar juicer is a fruit juicer
The Oscar juicer is excellent for juicing firm fruit such as hard apples and pears.
The Oscar juicer is a wheatgrass juicer
The Oscar can juice wheatgrass. Wheatgrass is rich in amino acids, vitamins and chlorophyll. Giving you the essential nutrients your body needs in one glass.
The Oscar juicer can make baby food
Using the blank screen, the Oscar juicer will crush and puree cooked food and soft raw fruit. Providing healthy, nutritious baby food, free of preservatives, colouring and additives.
The Oscar juicer is a pasta maker
The Oscar can make pasta. Using dough, a blank screen and pasta making nozzles you can make spaghetti, fettuccine etc.
Grind grains into flour and coffee beans
The Oscar is capable of grinding any soft grain and coffee beans.
Crush herbs and spices
Make a wide range of delicious meals with crushed garlic, ginger, chilies and herbs.
The Oscar juicer can make frozen desserts
The Oscar can make healthy frozen desserts as an alternative to chemical laden store bought ice cream and frozen sorbets. Frozen desserts made with the Oscar juicer are natural with no added food colouring and preservatives.
Raw food delights
Using the blank screen, you can create delicious patés, salsa and more. An Oscar juicer and a dehydrator make a formidable combination in making dehydrated raw cookies and patties.
Nut Butters
The Oscar can make delicious nut butters. Change the strainer to a blank screen to  process the nuts through the Oscar. You will need to process a number of times or until you are satisfied with the consistency.


  • The Oscar Juicers are in the class of ‘slow juicers’ since they operate in a speed range of 63- 80 rpm depending on the model. The powerful motor chews the plant fibres and penetrates membrane of produce to extract minerals, enzymes and nutrients. You get all this goodness in a tasty glass of juice.
  • Juicing is continuous and the pulp is automatically ejected.
  • No heat build up plus quiet operation.
  • Built in “reverse” to prevent clogging.
  • More than a juicer – The Oscar juicer also includes a blank screen also know as a processing strainer for purees, baby food and much more.
  • High juice yield and a very dry pulp.
  • User friendly – this is one of the easiest juicers to assemble, use and clean.
  • Optional attachment -Ice crusher / Slicer.

Carrot Story

Some years ago, I was making carrot juice when testing the Oscar juicer. To my amazement when I looked into the glass I found that the juice had created the formation of the crosscut image of the inside of a carrot. I remembered back to reading a book by/ about Dr Pfeiffer, a disciple of Rudolph Steiner, who had done crystallisation imaging work. I had seen Kirlian-type photographs where the image of the flower appeared when taking a photograph of the seed. These imaging methods showed the presence of life-forces or etheric formative forces and could be used to gauge the quality or vitality in food. This confirmed to me the extraordinary life-force of juice extracted only by a low speed, cold extraction juicer such as the Oscar. (By comparison the life force of juice form a centrifugal juicer is quite chaotic). It has frankly lost all consciousness that it is e.g. a carrot.”

Colleen Thornhill, owner of Healthmakers.


I consider the drinking of cold extracted juice on a daily basis to be the best health insurance and healer available.” Colleen ThornhillIf you are low in energy, getting tired easily, concerned about your health, fighting diseases or just wanting to improve your health through healthy living and a natural diet, then look no further than the Oscar juicer.

Healing properties of juice from an Oscar juicer
Any one of the numerous juicing books give details on which juices to use for which illnesses and diseases. Clinics and retreats such as the Hippocrates Health Institute and the Max Gerson Institute have been treating cancer and other life threatening diseases with juice from masticating-type juicers for years. It is clear that for nutrition of which juicing must be the most effective, is an essential part of all disease therapy.


We process masses of wheatgrass for the restaurant. It just keeps going. I have to say , I am thrilled with it .

Margaret Roberts

Oscar is fantastic by the way, as is the blender. Oscar is used everyday. Don’t know how I was ever without it

Audrey, Dublin Ireland


In chronic diseases such as arthritis, colon problems, allergies, sinusitis, hormonal imbalances, heart and lung conditions and skin conditions such as excema and psoriasis, there is one common factor and that is that the acid-alkaline balance in the body is not where it should be. Our Western lifestyle creates an acidic environment. For the past seven years we have been using freshly made vegetable juices in our practice. The freshly made vegetable juices are very alkaline in nature and these are a cornerstone in treatment. They reduce acidity in all parts of the body and in that way increase the oxygen supply to all cells. Because of the amazing results we have seen from the freshly made vegetable juices, we prescribe these juicers (Oscar) to every patient that we see.“Dr Herman Engelbrecht and Elma Engelbrecht


The Oscar is the original design of the single auger that has had progressive improvements. The current 3-stage auger has proved to be most effective in extracting juice from numerous plants and fruits and giving the highest yield.

Stage 1 – Here in compartment 1, the auger takes in the food in large sections and gently but firmly breaks it into reasonable pieces so that the food content is pushed into compartment 2.

Stage 2 – In this section the food content is broken down further, being crushed into small pieces.


  • 20 year warranty on the motor
  • Being an international product, the Oscar conforms to local safety standards by carrying the TUV (A German certifying body involved with product safety for the European community certification of safety) and NRCS – National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications) certificate of approval issued in South Africa
  • The functional design of the Oscar juicer is well proven. It has been so successful that this juicer remains the leader in single auger juicing.