Renewal Retreat is not your average retreat. 

We have designed it to offer:

  • A variety of workshops
  • Courses and health and wellness retreats
  • Self-catering getaways


Renewal Retreat is located in a safe and isolated area high up on the Kammanassie mountain range. The road ends at the Retreat. As such we have very limited access to labour.

For Retreat and Workshop Guests:

The retreat has been structured to be one of living and learning where guests should leave with practical knowledge that they can implement to enhance their lifestyle when they return home. 

This means that there is nobody to make your bed in the morning or sweep your room out. Meals are prepared together so that you gain knowledge of vegan food preparation and dishes are  


Accommodation is arranged to fit all pockets:

  • A delightful self-catering cottage
  • Tasteful In-the-Farmhouse rooms with bathrooms
  • A house with double room and mixed dormitory with a full kitchen
  • Twin and double cabins
  • Camping with ablution and kitchen facilities

The Location

Offers magnificent views to the north, west and south.
Awesome starlit nights and breathtaking sunsets.

The Purpose of Renewal Retreat

  • To offer learning and healing of ourselves and the land. 
  • How to establish food, health and happiness security.
  • Utilising local materials, recycling waste, retrieving energy from the sun and securing spring water from the mountains.
  • Planting trees to encourage more bird life.