Add Your Whats On

There are so many interesting and exciting events taking place throughout Southern Africa.  Since these events by their very nature do not have the budget to advertise in newspapers and magazines and on the radio they are often left in the shadows. offers:

  • An opportunity for ‘healthy’ events to be advertised for Free
  • A one-stop shop for you to be able to establish, exactly what is on in your area, for each month of the year.

The events we advertise range from raw food workshops to garden design courses to Be free Retreats.  If the event could be categorized as being a healthy happening where the word health expands its boundaries to mean good for you, in the true sense of the word then we will place it in the diary.

There are even amazing international events that take place that we will advertise. An example is an annual event called WISH– the Woman’s International Summit for Health, which is a wonderful presentation of interviews with interesting and informative international speakers with lots to share.

Add your Whats On