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Growing Sprouts Overcoming Problems



easysprout front box

The thing about sprouting it seems, is that it comes easy for some and is really difficult for others, pretty much like caring for plants does.

The bottom line is that sprouts ARE little plants and require the same growing conditions as all other young plants.

  • 1st and foremost the seed needs to be fresh – then they need
  • Sufficient moisture
  • Sufficient Airation
  • Sufficient drainage

So, if your sprouts have not enjoyed these ideal  conditions then you probably experienced sprouts that:

  • Dried out
  • Became a smelly pool of slush
  • Grew just great but then suddenly were covered in cobwebs of mould

Sound familiar?

Well I too have experienced the above disasters and have been searching for an inexpensive sprouter that would work for just about everyone. You know there are always those very odd, non-greenfingered people out there that could just kill any plant. Besides those really odd ones this sprouter will work for everyone. The sprouter I found was actually manufactured in the USA (not China) AND was manufactured from a BPA-free plastic. I was really taken by the design which is astounding! It just gives the sprouts pretty much everything they need. You will need to assist with a little rinsing now and then but otherwise this puppy is almost maintenance free.

Lets get to it…. You can buy it from Healthmakers – here is the link, and for the rest,  keep your eye on this blog to watch the video we will make of how to grow sprouts in the Easysprout.

In the meantime here is a visual of how to grow the sprouts.


Growing Sprouts Overcoming Problems

Start with fresh seed and your Easysprout inner growing container with vented bottom.

Growing Sprouts Overcoming Problems

Easysprout provides you with a special insert shown here on the right. This is placed into the growing container when you are sprouting small seed such as alfalfa or red clover to prevent them falling through the vents at the bottom of the container

Growing Sprouts Overcoming Problems

Simply fit the insert into the bottom of the growing container as illustrated

Growing Sprouts Overcoming Problems

Measure the seed in the dual use domed vented cup with measuring graduations in ml.

Growing Sprouts Overcoming Problems

Pour about 50ml seed into the growing container

Growing Sprouts Overcoming ProblemsFill with water and leave to soak for a few hours or overnight.

Growing Sprouts Overcoming Problems

Growing Sprouts Overcoming Problems

Growing Sprouts Overcoming Problems

Place the vented dome lid into the growing container as illustrated. and place the growing container into the outer container. You will notice that the growing container has ridges so that when the inner container is correctly in the outer container, it will stand proud allowing convection air flow. This is Essential to perfect sprout growing and what make the Easysprout sprouter so unique.

Rinse when necessary – sprouts needs to be moist – not wet. After rinsing ensure that they are allowed to drain well and that the water in the outer container is poured out. Under no circumstances should the sprouts be left lying water.

In as little as 3 days you can have magnificent sprouts.Growing Sprouts Overcoming Problems

Also supplied are a solid lid and a vented lid for storage in the fridgeGrowing Sprouts Overcoming ProblemsGrowing Sprouts Overcoming Problems
This is a stunning new Sprouter – for even more info go to

Growing Sprouts Overcoming Problems

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