Allergies Disease in Disguise


Allergies Disease in Disguise
By Carolee Bateson-Koch
Paperback 277 Pages

Allergies disease in disguise looks at different food intolerances and allergies. Learn about common food myths and specific foods that trigger allergic reactions such as dairy and caffeine. The author also looks at the main cause of allergies, such as stress, dental fillings, the environment and improper digestion. The prescribed treatment in this book for allergies is leaning towards a raw foods lifestyle.

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Allergies Disease in Disguise By Bateson-Koch

Allergies disease in dusguise breaks down how allergies are generally misunderstood. They can show up as almost any symptom, however, they are rarely diagnosed. Left untreated they can lead to serious degenerative disease like Asthma, migraines, arthritis, ulcers as well as obesity. These have all been linked to allergies. Fatigue, irritability, body aching, digestive problems and other vague ailments are typical of allergies.

Osteoporosis and lots more

Allergies disease in disguise gives you suitable healthy solutions that heal the condition so that no further treatment of any kind is required.

Dr. Bateson Koch provides the following insight on allergies

    • why they are becoming more common


    • how they relate to environmental factors


    • their relationship with food additives


    • with


    • and the process of digestion


    • Plus body chemistry, addiction, yeasts, molds, and parasites

childhood illnesses and allergies and why enzymes are the key to healing
alternative natural treatments for allergies
Following her program in allergies disease in disguise, you won’t have to give up your pet. Get allergy shots or rotate food. As well as keep diet diaries or cook allergy-free recipes for the rest of your life. You will not only recover and enjoy an allergy-free life. You will gain a great understanding of health and well-being.

What you will find in this book

The secret and the program’s success lies on the following. When properly digested, food does not harm the body. As explained by the author, all food (except fats) enters the bloodstream. When food is processed properly it is nutritious. In addition, the body benefits from this. However if the food is not properly digested, that is when the issue starts. The body sees the undigested part as foreign and traits it as such. As it stays in the system it starts affecting the overall function of the body resulting in an allergic reaction. We should accept that the key to stopping allergy symptoms lies in acquiring a new respect for digestion. As well as how the body deals with our food intake. Once we know that, we are well on the way to eliminating allergic reactions, permanently.

Bateson-Koch does an exemplary job at teaching how to optimize the digestive process in order to do away with allergies. While also taking into account those secondary conditions that commonly lead to allergy. Her book is clearly written in a well-balanced tone. Which combines just enough scientific fact with case studies. As well as several more personal sections contributed by former patients. Patients with many varied symptoms are described. As it is this mixed bag of symptoms that makes allergies so difficult to diagnose and, until now, to treat.

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