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drop-ship |drɒpˈʃɪp|
verb (drop-ships, drop-shipping, drop-shipped) [ with obj. ]
provide (goods) by direct delivery from the manufacturer to the retailer or customer.<br>
We drop ship based on the following terms and conditions:</p>
<p>1. The order for the main item must be placed through the drop shipping category on the website. This can be found in the Equipment category on the navigation bar. <br>
2. The nominal drop shipping delivery charge labelled must be selected for each item being shipped for a drop shipping order to be valid. Invalid orders will need to be placed again as they cannot be changed by us.<br>
3. Small items e.g. a SpyraGyra may only be drop shipped if included with an item in the Drop Shipping category. No additional drop shipping charges are required for the smaller items.
4. As part of our environmental drive to reduce the unnecessary use of paper, we will not include any paperwork to your customer.
5. The current drop shipping delivery price can be viewed in any of the drop shipping products available on the fatpurpletrading.co.za store as “Local Courier Charges” </p>
<h2> How To Do a Drop Shipping Order</h2>

1. Go to: http://fatpurpletrading.co.za
2. Login to your Fat Purple Trading account
3. In the navigation bar hover over EQUIPMENT which will reveal other categories. Select the category <strong>DROP SHIPPING</strong>, which, will show you which products are available to be drop shipped. If the product that you require to be drop shipped is not in the list, please contact office@fatpurpletrading.co.za.
4. Select “Local Courier Charges” and the product for your customer.
5. When you Checkout, select <strong>New Address</strong> at the bottom of the dropdown list. Complete your customer details and select <strong>Continiue</strong>. This will ensure that the address is not saved to your account address book, thus avoiding accumulating unnecessary addresses.
6. Goods cannot be dispatched without your customers telephone number, postal code, and full address. Missing information will delay the dispatching of your order.

If you are unsure of any aspect of our Drop Shipping service please phone 086 1100 695.</br>

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