MiHealthmaker – Tamper


MiHealthmaker – Tamper

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MiHealthmaker – Tamper

The MiHealthmaker – Tamper is an essential tool for the power blender. As with all blenders, if there is insufficient liquid the blades cannot fully process the contents.  The tamper is used to assist in pushing the contents into the blades.


  • It is important to operate the blender on a high speed if using the MiHealthmaker – Tamper with a significant quantity of ingredients.
  • Never use the tamper without the lid in place


Blending has never been this easy:

  • Place ingredients in the jug
  • Secure the lid, and remove the lid plug
  • Turn your machine on
  • Insert the tamper through the lid opening
  • Push the ingredients in to the blades to remove air pockets, this avoids damage to the motor too
  • Once the ingredients are processing freely you can remove the tamper
  • Never leave the tamper “hanging” while processing – if it is not in use, remove it


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