Nut Milk and Cheeze Making Kit

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With this Nutmilk and Cheeze Making Kit you can make:
±700ml of Almond milk and ± ¾ cup of nut cheeze and use the straining bag for straining all other nut, seed and grain milks plus blended juice.

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You can make +-700ml of Almond milk, +- 3/4 cup of nut cheeze with this kit, using a blender.

So, to make the milk you can choose to soak the almonds and peel them or blend without soaking and peeling. (If you choose not to peel, the cheeze will be “speckled” but the flavour will not be unduly affected). Blend the nuts and the milk in a power blender such as the Vitamix or MiHealthmaker and then strain the milk through the straining bag until most of the liquid is out. Do not over squeeze.

If you want sweetened milk, pour the milk back into the blender jug and combine with a sweetener of choice such as: Dates, coconut sugar, sugar, honey, maple syrup or stevia.

In addition, nut or seed ‘milk’ can be used as a non-dairy replacement in hot drinks, with your favorite cereal, to make ice cream, yogurt and much more! They are ideal for individuals who are lactose intolerant. You get the same comforting taste with a whole lot more nutrients found in the nut.

Nut milks are easy to make and a healthier option for your whole family.

Nut Milk and Cheeze Making Kit

A variety of Nut Cheezes can be made with the remaining pulp from your nut milk can make tasty vegan cheeze. Follow the instruction on the insert of the Nut Milk and Cheeze Making Kit.

Other uses for the straining bag

Blended Juice – Just blend fruit or vegetables of your choice with a little water. After that, strain through the straining bag and enjoy nutritious freshly squeezed juice. The straining bag can be used to collect the curds when making tofu.

Sprouts: Nut Milk and Cheeze Making Kit can sprout nuts, grains, and seeds like sunflower, chickpeas, peas, mung beans and lentils using a nut milk bag. How to: Firstly, soak seeds overnight in the bag. Secondly, drain and hang the bag with the drawstring. Thirdly, rinse daily, and watch the sprouts emerge.

Cold-brew Teas and Coffee Concentrates: Do you enjoy exotic teas? Get the best flavour and richest taste using your straining bag.

Benefits of this Nut Milk and Cheeze Making Kit

  • Manufactured from high-quality material ideal for straining purposes.
  • Easy to clean – Turn the bag inside out and rinse under hot water then hang out to dry.
  • Quick to dry. The oval shape is nice because there are no corners for the mash to get stuck in.
  • Made in RSA. Re-usable (Eco-friendly).

Your health and the environment are better off with a Nut milk and vegan cheeze.

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