OmniBlend 1.5Ltr Jug B (Wet & Dry)


Omniblend 1.5 litre wet and dry jug complete with tamper, lid and lid plug

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This 1.5lt jug with narrow base makes it suited for blending liquids, as well as grinding dry ingredients, similar to the 2lt jug. The narrow base is ideal for making sauces, dressings, hummus, pesto, nut butter, and spreads. The polycarbonate material is extremely durable in commercial environments. Compared to the 2lt jug, the benefit of this size is that it fits in a sound cover.

The stainless steel blades are strong, durable, and replaceable. The jug comes complete with lid and tamper. this fits all OmniBlend models. Jugs are interchangeable on the base, making it possible to work with different jug sizes on the same base. Or hold several jugs to handle high volumes and different flavours when you use your blender as a smoothie maker, lowering your investment and get the best blender price.

This new Jug is compatible with all of the OmniBlend blenders, and it also fits perfectly inside the OmniShield, just like the original jug. Similar to the old 1.5L jugs, these are also fully stackable and can withstand 125KG of pressure. These jugs are fitted with JTC OmniBlend’s new stainless steel blades which fit into all of our jug size ranges.

The main difference between the original 1.5L Jug and this new jug is in the shape. This new Jug tapers at the bottom which results in a tighter and more confined space, leaving very little space between the tips of the blades and the jug wall. This results in giving the ingredients an efficient and much smoother blend in a shorter amount of time.



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