Raw Food for Real People By Rod Rotondi


Raw Food for Real People
By Rod Rotondi
Paperback 208 pages

Many have touted the health and energy benefits of raw foods, but few have presented recipes and instructions for making raw food appealing and satisfying to everyone.

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Rod Rotondi has created a masterpiece for the cooking world—that is the lay person’s cooking world—with Raw Food For Real People (New World Library). In this light, humorous yet highly informative book you’ll learn all the ins and outs of eating a raw food diet. Whether you are a raw food junkie or a junk food junkie tired of feeling lethargic, sickly, and weak, Raw Food For Real People will further your ability to serve yourself and family great raw food meals. And if you’re a beginner, it will give you the exact directions you need to assimilate raw foods into your life.

Interested in the raw food lifestyle?

Raw food for real people does not drown you in facts. In actual fact, it is a light read it takes an atypical diet and makes it better than good. In addition, it looks at the causes of health issues worldwide. Focusing on what causes these issues. And then brings you right around by explaining how a raw food lifestyle will improve your health. Lastly you will learn how to transition from whatever lifestyle you are in, to a raw-based lifestyle. With various recipes that cater for your individual needs. You will also get information on on the right equipment and tools needed to get started.

Raw Food For Real People is a definite must-have for every home. Whether you want to feel good or look great. Plus get rid of pain and aches and various illnesses, then you want to get your hands on a copy of this book.

About the author

Rod Rotondi has traveled the world. He has used his unique experience and perspective to translate world cuisine into delicious and affordable raw tasty meals. His initial dream was to create healthy food that is accessible and affordable. That is how he started with Leaf Organics, one of the first certified-organic restaurants in Los Angelos. He is also an author and has worked on raw food courses and dvd’s as well.

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