The Hidden Geometry of Life



The Hidden Geometry of Life book
By Karen L. French
Paperback 320 Pages

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Encompassing nature and science. As well as art, architecture, and spirituality. Plus the book is illustrated with over 700 photographs and line drawings. The Hidden Geometry of Life illuminates the secret underpinnings of existence.

In her trademark easy-to-understand style, mathematician Karen French shows how sacred geometry permeates every level of being, manifesting itself in simple shapes and numbers, music and sounds, light and color, even in the mysteries of creation itself.

But these shapes and designs are more than the building blocks of reality. They are gateways to profound new levels of awareness.

From the Inside Flap

Throughout history, we humans have searched for meaning to our existence. In The Hidden Geometry of Life author, Karen French reveals the following. How shapes, in the broadest sense of the term, can provide the key to finding order. As well as structure, in the universe that we live in.

Shaping Reality’ focuses on the meaning of simple shapes. Together these form a model by which we can understand our place in time and space.
Structure of Being’ looks how everything, including ourselves, came into existence.
The medium of Sound’ describes the importance of sound in assisting in the creation of reality.
Let There Be Light’ shows how light is key in our perception of reality.
Gateway to Becoming’ explores the Universe as a whole, the power of directed thought.

Breathtaking in its scope and fascinating in its detail, this important book is nothing less than a comprehensive and coherent account in words and images, of the nature and meaning of the Universe – a vision in which science, art, and spirit unite in an exhilarating celebration of wonder.

About the author

Karen L. French has a Joint Honours degree in Mathematics and Management Sciences. In addition, she has an
MSc degree in Marketing. These were both from the University of Manchester. Plus she has always had a lifelong interest in sacred geometry.

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