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Tofu Frame

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Do you love tofu? Or enjoy foods that have tofu as the main ingredient? Then this Tofu Frame is must have for you. It helps you turn soya milk into creamy tofu. The Tofu frame is made from food grade plastic that is eco-friendly, durable and does not emit any odors. It also comes with a cotton bag to help separate the liquid from the curd.

What is Tofu?

Tofu is an affordable and protein-rich food made from soybeans. It has a lot of health benefits as it is low in fat. It also contains a variety of nutrients, In addition, it is a great alternative for people with milk allergies.

Tofu Frame Specification:

Tofu Maker Mold: Plastic
Tofu cloth: Cotton

How to use your Tofu Frame:

1. Once you have prepared your tofu mixture (by boiling your soya milk and adding your coagulant and your curds have formed and allowed the mixture to cool)
2. Place the contents in the Tofu bag and ensure that the bag covers all the crud. Then place the bag inside your tofu frame box. Place this kit in a sink or bowl
3.Using the Tofu lid gently add pressure to remove the liquid from the mixture
4. Once all the liquid has been removed, gently remove from the cloth and add to a bowl of ice cold water to help the tofu to set properly.

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  1. Kim Wiggett (verified owner)

    Does what its supposed to

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