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Delicious Pink Smoothie – Blender

Delicious Pink Smoothie

A healthy way to start your day is with a delicious pink smoothie. You’ll enjoy every sip of this simple, yet delicious pink smoothie.

Smoothies made with beets are a tasty way to get beets into your diet while enjoying delicious fruity flavors. Beets don’t even need to be cooked! Raw fruit gives the most vibrant color when peeled and thrown in.

Implements and Equipment:

  • Super Blender


Banana, frozen
Beet, peeled and cut into cubes for easier blending
Avocado, peeled and pitted
Root ginger, peeled
Water (depending on desired consistency)
Kale or spinach (optional)
Dates (Optional Sweetner)


Place all of the ingredients into your Vitamix in the listed order and select the variable 1.
Slowly increase speed to variable 10 and blend until the smoothie has a soft-serve ‘ice cream’ consistency.
Pour into a glass.

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