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Homemade Biltong – Dehydrator

You can certainly make your own Homemade Biltongwith a  Dehydrator with this truly easy recipe. In South Africa, biltong is, without a doubt, the most popular meat snack.

The biltong is typically served as a snack cut into thin slices or diced. You can easily add it to almost any dish, including spreads, patés, and salads. Furthermore, homemade biltong can even be a tasty addition to soups, stews, or even pizza. When babies are teething, parents often give them this to chew on.


Use good quality meat when making biltong. Although biltong can be made from any cut of beef, bottom rounds (silverside) are very popular choices. Another popular choice to use when making homemade biltong is the top round (topside



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