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Lemon and Celery Soup – Blender

Lemon and Celery Soup

Served warm on a cold winter day or cold on a hot summer’s day, this delicious celery and lemon soup recipe is healthy and delicious. This refreshing Lemon and Celery soup recipe is quick and easy to prepare.

Due to the fact that soups are mostly liquid, they are an excellent way to stay hydrated and satisfied. You can prevent colds and flu with soup, and you can use them as an antidote when you are sick. Soups are a rich source of healthy energy for the body.

Perfect for a starter or to enjoy as a family meal

Implements and Equipment:


Olive oil
Lemon (juice only)
Sea salt

Health Information

Firstly, Avocados do not contain any cholesterol or sodium and are low in saturated fat. They also contain fibre which is a necessity for good bowel movement. Stabilizing the release of sugar thus releases sugar spikes in the body which helps defend the body from various sugar-related diseases.

In addition to celery reducing inflammation, magnesium has the ability to reduce stress levels, regulates acidity in the body, and furthermore improves digestion due to the water content.

Dates are 100% whole fruit unlike the majority of other sweeteners. Blending dates is super easy because of the soft consistency. A great healthy substitute for white sugar in recipes is dates. Due to the nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants that dates provide.

Olive oil is known to be a great source of fats which are found in both animal and plant based sources. The beauty of these fats is the following, it decreases the risk of cancer, reduces bad cholesterol levels. Furthermore, it helps manage weight and is also known to help reduce belly fat.

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