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Spicy Mango Magic Smoothie – Blender

Spicy Mango Magic Smoothie

Enjoy this spicy mango magic smoothie as not only a summer breakfast but also a healthy snack. It’s the perfect summer drink with its rich, and spicy mango flavour. The summer season is truly the best time to enjoy frozen desserts and chilled drinks. Mangoes are fresh and ripe in the summer.

Pair this spicy mango recipe with fruits like banana, pineapple or strawberries. Create your very own magic with this spicy magic mango smoothie.

You can make smoothies in literally minutes and moreover they are nutritious and healthy. Among the most popular smoothie flavours are banana, mango, strawberry, and kale.

Furthermore, smoothies are easy to make by placing your ingredients in the blender and blending them. A variety of ingredients which is placed in a blender make a thick and creamy beverage known as a smoothie. Smoothies made with healthy ingredients can replace a meal. 

Implements and Equipment:


Organic coconut water
Lime (peeled)
Green chili (seeds and placental skin removed, if you want milder heat)

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