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Survival in the 21st Century Book Review

Viktoras Kulsvinkas is one of the founders of the Raw Holistic and Health Field.  The Hippocrates Institute was founded by Viktoras and Ann Wigmore. They brought the holistic, all-natural, raw diet to the world. Its a way of life that offers health at its best.  Finding such wisdom in the 21st century is like finding a goldmine – rare and very precious.  The revised edition of the book is well written and updated with information that is relevant for the life that people are leading today.  A busy, high-paced life that requires introspection and a little bit of guidance as to how to live it healthily. Viktoras sets out principles that not only focus on diet, but interaction, love, peace and happiness – elements that are quite rare to find in the 21st century. His message is one of hope when all seems hopeless and for finding your true inner-self. The book  is sub-divided into 5 booklets which revolve around the following themes:
Book 1 looks at the physical aspects, the food that is available on the market and addresses the main question of what are we eating.  The author then looks at the different chemicals that are found in food and the reaction these have once they are ingested into the body. He then advises that the best diet to follow is an organic one, a diet which is very rich in green plants. He gives ideas on how you can do this. One way is to start your own garden which has many benefits, as it is a form of exercise and it exposes you to Vitamin D in sunlight.  This book also addresses the issue  that eating is often an emotional matter and how this has resulted in an increase in obesity. The author then share his secret on how to lose weight fast and effectively.
Important issues such as fasting, longevity and a balanced diet are also covered. The great thing about this book is that Viktoras not only gives facts, but  also provides information on how to achieve success and how to survive the 21st century.
Book 2 looks at the spiritual side. For optimum functioning, the whole body has to be in sync, and an important factor is to balance your spiritual connection.  The author looks at various forms of meditation in the form of yoga that relaxes your body completely and transports you to a plane where the physical body cannot reach.
Book 3 looks at the family side. The author is truly diverse in his writing and this section is the one I found most enlightening. He touches on the man, the woman and the child and addresses the physical changes that the body goes through when it reaches puberty, and the impact that this has on a person.  He actually spends more time writing about woman, as women are the givers of life and are impacted a little more difficultly than males during puberty.  He discusses menstruation, how it is and how it should be, as well as pregnancy and how the expectant mother should take care of her body i.e. what she should eat, and the importance of surrounding herself with positive energy during during this time.
Books 4 & 5  are about healing.  Viktoras states that there are so many various diseases that are rife in the 21st century. He gives guidelines in this section on how to heal  first yourself, and then be a source of help to other people. He also looks at the grooming practices of the 21st century and how these have affected the speed at which our life deteriorates. The healing points of the body are discussed and how,  by just looking at a person, you can immediately pick up what is wrong with them, and advises on the healing for most ailments.

Book 6 Recipes. There are over 40 recipes that are simple and basic and provide the most nutrition.
This book just makes sense and is exactly what should be prescribed for anyone who is looking for a phenomenal guide through this maze called life. A few changes in your life can have the biggest impact for a long period of time. Viktoras removes all the doubt you might have about a raw diet, an alternative lifestyle, and encourages you  to start on a new enlightened path.
About the author
Viktoras Kulsvinkas is one of the founders of the Livings Foods Diet and is considered a genius in the Wellness Industry.  He has a Masters Degree in pure mathematics, which he received from the prestigious University of Connecticut. He was also a computer consultant for Harvard University and The Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory.  He has received international claim as a lecturer, writer and health expert. He has had 5 books published on natural healing and his writings have been published in various magazines and newspapers. Viktoras has also spoken at the UN about strategies that can be implemented to alleviate poverty and health.

Hear more about Viktoras’ life in this interview at his retreat in Costa Rica in January 2013.  Viktoras is 74 years old in this video.

Survival in the 21st Century Book Review

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