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Sweet Almond Milk with the Oscar Juicer

Sweet or Unsweetened Almond Milk with an Oscar Juicer.


½ cup raw almonds (soaked overnight)
1¼ cup water
3 dates (cover with water and soak overnight)
A pinch cinnamon
A drop of vanilla
Pinch sea salt

Bonus Recipe

Almond face scrub with the leftover pulp from making almond milk with the Oscar juicer

For every tablespoon of Almond pulp, add a tablespoon of oats and ¾ teaspoon of cornstarch.
Add  ¾ teaspoon chamomile flowers (these can be obtained from the contents of a tea bag).
Add 1 drop of lavender oil.
Mix well until the mix is a soft granular powder.

How to use
In the morning put ½ tablespoon in the palm of your hand and add a couple of drops of water – enough to make a paste.
Wet your face then gently massage the paste onto your face in a circular motion to exfoliate.

Daily exfoliation stimulates blood flow to the skin, removes dead cells, gives you a softer, livelier skin especially for ageing skin and it improves the absorption of skin treatment products.

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