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Lentil Sprout Burger Patties

Lentil Sprout Burger Patties

These Lentil Sprout Burger Patties will make you fall in love with burgers all over again and if you don’t like burgers, then these patties will help you develop a liking for it. Entirely animal friendly patties, what more can you ask for?

Implements and Equipment:

  • Food processor


Sprouted lentils
A potato (boiled and mashed)
Butter or coconut oil
Ground flax
Cloves garlic
Salt and pepper
Turmeric (optional)

Did you know?

Lentils are brown legumes usually used in curries and vegetarian biriyani. These tiny legumes are excellent for people with anemia. As they are a good source of iron, potassium, calcium, zinc, niacin and vitamin K. But are particularly rich in dietary fiber, lean protein and folate. They are low in calories and contain virtually no fat. Making them a good addition for weight loss purposes.

Garlic, which is closely related to onions, leeks and shallots is normally added to food to enhance the flavour and aroma. But, at its most basic, garlic is medicinal in nature. Just one clove of garlic has the following components, Vitamin C, B6, manganese selenium and fibre. Garlic also contains calcium iron and potassium which help strengthen the bones in the body. It is known to be very effective for the common cold and flu’s as it helps boost the immune system to get rid of the accumulated toxins. Garlic is also known to help lower blood pressure, cholesterol and the risk of heart diseases. The antioxidants contained in garlic will help the kidney’s in detoxing the body from chemicals and other toxins that accumulate over time.

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