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Veggies in Creamy Thai Sauce – Blender

Veggies in Creamy Thai Sauce

My mouth-watering Veggies in Creamy Thai Sauce is an absolute winner, even if I must say so myself. If you’re looking for something healthy, quick and easy to prepare after a long day in the office and you love food as much as I do you will absolutely love this recipe. And the Creamy Thai Sauce is to die for.

Implements and Equipment



  • Paprika
    Himalayan salt
    Garlic powder
    Lemon (juice)
    Coconut “meat”
    Fresh basil
    Almond butter
    Coconut syrup


Veggie mix

  • Broccoli
    Fresh basil
    Jungle peanuts or pecan or almonds crushed (optional)

Health information:

Zucchini, or alternatively known as baby marrow, resemble cucumbers in appearance. They are rich in vitamin C which helps fight off diseases caused by free radicals. They are also known to lower cholesterol, help maintain weight management and the magnesium in the zucchini reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

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