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Natural Colds and Flu Remedy – Juicer

Natural Colds and Flu Remedy

This Natural colds and flu remedy is a recipe you can easily make and IT WORKS!

This recipe includes cucumbers, which contain up to 90% water. The reason we get sick is: our bodies are exposed to substances, in food, in the air and in the environment around us that pollute us internally and weaken our immune system. When the immune system is weak it is easy for unwanted bacteria to start deteriorating our health slowly but surely. The water content in the cucumber combined with the minerals and nutrients cleans the body to remove these unwanted toxins.

The combination of lemon, orange and ginger is one of the best natural cold and flu remedies. The vitamin C contained in oranges and lemons provide antioxidants which removes the toxins that cause common illnesses. Ginger, on the other hand, warms up the body. On cold days it is a good way to keep warm.

Implements and Equipment:

  • Slow Juicer
  • Measuring cup


Orange (peeled)
Baby spinach or 4 large leaves
Granny smith apples (cored and quartered)
Ginger root
Celery stalks
Cucumber (cut into pieces to fit your juicer’s feeding tube)

Health Information

Apple’s are nature’s very own toothbrush. Considering their low calorie count, they are also very filling. Apples can be a healthy addition to a weight loss diet because of their high fiber and low calorie content.

Furthermore, oranges supply not only soluble fibers that lower cholesterol but also potassium which helps lower blood pressure. At the same time, it supplies dietary fiber which prevents constipation. Moreover, the antioxidants in oranges protect the cells from damage keeping your skin young and fresh.

Lastly, cucumbers are the number one fruit for beauty. Despite its name, cucumber is a fruit and not a vegetable. The water in cucumber not only flushes your body of all toxins, but also hydrates you. In addition to their lightening effect, cucumbers also reduce dark circles around your eyes when you place them on your eyes.

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